In this concept , we are trying to get to know people who have participated in the Erasmus program or have been in one of the Erasmus Student Network units and also have work experience. In particular, we want to learn the contribution of these experiences in the employment stage or business life.

Erasmus / ESN

#firstly, can we get to know you?

I am Hasan Bayram, 23 years old and graduated from Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Civil Engineering Department in 2020. At the moment, in Ankara Aysa Teknik Çizim Ofisi, I have been actively working as a civil engineer.

#have you participated on the erasmus program?

Yes. I took advantage of the Erasmus program twice, one for internship and the other for education.

Firstly, in the summer of 2018, I did my 2-month internship at the Civil Engineering Laboratory in Cantabria, University in Santander, Spain.

Secondly, I completed my 6-month education mobility in the Civil Engineering department at Brno Technology University in Czech Republic.

#have you participated on the erasmus student network?

I took part in all my duties in ESN within ESN AYBU. I first started with the candidate candidate presentation I made in NP Mersin in May 2018. With our participation in NP Yeditepe in June 2019, I officially started to work in an ESN branch. After June 2019, I worked as vice president and in the last days of my position as vice president and treasurer. I left my active duties due to my selection for the February 2020 Erasmus education mobility.

#how did you meet with erasmus student network?

First of all, I have been working part time at AYBU International Relations Office since 2017. When I met with ESN, I met Aybüke Nur Yılmaz, who is currently working as the president of ESN AYBU, after her Erasmus mobility she came with the idea to International Relations Office that there was such a network and wanted to establish this network in our school. First, we established a student club called ESC within AYBU and started the ESN candidacy process.

#do you have any information about the ESN in your Erasmus country? what do you think, when you compare it with your own unit?

The Czech Republic Brno city had a structure similar to Ankara. It was the second largest city after Prague and was a student city due to its many universities. Because of the presence of many ESN branches, many joint events were organized. In addition, since it is located in Europe, the university where I study had 500-600 Erasmus students annually.

As ESN AYBU, we even need to increase the number of Erasmus students on behalf of Ankara branches. For this, we have to make many agreements and use the advantage that most of our departments are 100% English. Most erasmus students stand out as another important factor, besides the city and country opportunities, the cohesion of the courses and the language structure. 

#considering your department, what advice can you give to those who will participate in the erasmus program in the future?

As an engineering student, I would like to say that everybody should participate as possible, because thanks to the program, you can see their perspective on how the engineering system works abroad and what they do more right or wrong than us in engineering. Being able to see these differences enables you to have an innovative structure.

As department, I recommend that students who plan to attend should be in contact with the department in order to make agreements with better universities. Immerse yourself in the flow of erasmus for after you leave.

Business Life

#could you tell us your current workplace and job description?

I have been working actively since September 2020. Since it is a drawing office, we are actively drawing engineering projects. As an office, we design stations for natural gas lines, unlike the superstructure.

#do you remember your process for the job interview?

I have attended many interviews before for different purposes (part-time work, internship, scholarship…). But it was the first time I participated in my professional life and profession. Here, I had a friend who graduated from AYBU and worked with me. I applied because he told me that the company was hiring and that I could apply. Thanks to my friend, it was an advantage for me to have prior knowledge about his business and structure. In fact, the workplace and people are in a very comfortable structure. It wasn't like an interview. Despite the chat environment, I was excited.

#did your experience in erasmus program / ESN attract the attention of the interviewer during the interview?

First of all, my going abroad and studying there caught their attention. Then I talked about my university life and my activities at ESN AYBU, it enabled me to successfully convey the image that I was an active, active, self-improvement person. Unlike graduating straight from college, taking responsibilities and constantly learning new things through ESN was a positive effect.

#do you have any advice for new graduates or job candidates to be interviewed?

Obviously, interviews have a very volatile stereotype, and everybody knows phrases like don't get excited or trust yourself. Prepare yourself before graduation, not after. For example, take a look at active job publishes and go over what are the most sought features in the market or in your business environment and if you are missing them.

#can you tell us the working environment? are there any people from different cultures or different groups in the community?

As the business structure is Turkish, there is nobody from different societies. The company works only in national work content.

#you have been working in your position for a while. what kind of contributions would you say these experiences (erasmus / esn) have made for you?

As far as I tried to address in other questions, the biggest contribution of ESN and exchange programs made me have an active and innovative character.

#finally, do you have any messages you want to convey to those who read this interview and to the ESN AYBU family? :)

Of course :)  I wish success to my friends who are currently working in ESN AYBU structure and trying to move the branch further. I hope many people have the opportunity to read these interviews and contribute something positively, and it will be thanks to you. I love you all. Respects.